To Balance Out the Negation... Affirmation!

I hope my last post where I was practicing negation in my writing was not too overwhelming. To make up for it, I point you to this entry on the Escape from Cubicle Nation weblog. A great blog to keep in your feed reader of choice, Escape... is meant for those who are contemplating, preparing to, or already have made the entrepeneurial leap after getting tired of working for someone else all the time.

Pamela Slim here addresses some of the mental obstacles to striking out on your own, and offers advice on how to overcome them. Sage words on how to apply affirmations from an entrepeneur who clearly knows the topic about which she speaks.

Per always, I would like to add the standard criteria for effective affirmations:

  • Phrase the affirmation positively - if you tell yourself what NOT to do, you have to think about what you don't want in order to process the statement (this is one reason we would use negation when appropriate!) Your mind is goal-seeking and will tend towards creating what you imagine. To use negation, you effectively imagine and goal-seek what you don't want.
  • Use sensory language. This gives your mind concrete criteria about how you know when you've achieved your affirmation.
  • Monitor ecology - only use affirmations that are congruent with the rest of your system, or conversely, make sure to adjust your system in order to support the affirmation's effectiveness. Otherwise you'd be fighting yourself.

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Sleep and Energy Affirmations

Here is a set of affirmations targeting the cycles of sleep and energetic wakefulness. Sleep seems passive when you don't know much about it, but do some reading on sleep cycles and how necessary are the processes that take place during sleep, and you'll find that sleep accomplishes a lot for such a "passive" state of consciousness.  Ask your unconscious to do a sleep tune-up!

  • I use my energy efficiently at all times.
  • The more I use my energy, the more my capacity for having energy increases.
  • As I continuously tune my energy cycles, I sleep more and more efficiently.
  • I sleep deeply and always adjust my sleep cycles for optimum performance at all stages.
  • Every day, after sleeping effectively, I awaken with greater energy than ever before.
  • I automatically, unconsciously optimize this process as my competence grows exponentially.
  • Thank you, unconscious, for helping me with my sleep thus far, and for future improvements.
  • I will be surprised and delighted at the differences I sense in my life.

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Affirmations for Motivation

If you'd like to energize your day with some serious motivation, try these affirmations along with your favorite self-hypnosis  or affirmation technique.

  • I completely and congruently desire X(the goal)
  • I know that X is within my possibilities as a powerful organism
  • I effortlessly access the resources I need to achieve X any time I wish
  • The milestones along the way to X are clear and easy to reach
  • The whole process of getting X is pleasurable
  • Challenges are interesting and fill me with joy and curiosity
  • I thank my unconscious for already taking the necessary steps, automatically and effortlessly
  • My entire ecology is congruent with X, therefore X is simply inevitable

These are some food for thought; adjust and add to them if necessary for your personal taste. This particular set of affirmations (employing a toward or positive motivational strategy) is good for helping to reach the "consider it done" mindset, where your goal is no longer a goal but a foregone conclusion.

Notice also how the "challenges" affirmation can be used from a high level to represent the entire goal seeking process, as well as on a lower level to neutralize unforseen challenges along the way. This provides a snowballing effect that actually increases your motivation as you near the completion of your goal, rather than the all-too-common losing of focus as time goes on.

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Jessica Simpson's Affirmation Technique

On the light side... reports on Jessica Simpson's use of affirmations to enhance her self-image. Described in the linked article as a form of self-hypnosis (perhaps), Jessica's method involved taping the affirmation "You're beautiful in this skin" on her bedroom mirror.

The mirror is a good place to put written self-suggestions. Typically you look at the mirror every day, generally before bedtime and upon rising. The words can be associated with the image of yourself in the mirror, and you can use the opportunity to look yourself in the eye and see your image stating the affirmation as fact; a very powerful method of self-communication.

I've seen this method echoed from various sources, including Koichi Tohei's book "Ki in Daily Life". What kind of suggestions could you employ with the mirror technique? Perhaps the most famous is Coue's "Every day and in every way I'm getting better and better."  Another method could be writing out power questions: "How great will you feel when X happens..." and then smile widely to yourself in response!

This method makes me chuckle, however, because it reminds me of my half-joking suggestion to TV addicts of taping affirmations to their TV set. The alpha state that the average TV addict enters while focusing their attention on the television is as ideal for absorbing affirmations as it is for absorbing the Madison Avenue advertising. One candidate (paraphrased from a Richard Bandler tape): "You instantly recognize any outside suggestions and automatically decide which to accept and which to ignore based on your optimum personal ecology."

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