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Don't Buy Any Tech This Week!

I had just gotten done recommending the Vivosmart to someone today when I realized that CES is going on. Garmin has already made a bunch of new product announcements. Defer your purchases until it's clear what works and what doesn't - let someone else do the public beta for you. I'm hoping that devices will move beyond activity tracking and towards concretely helping our lives in less abstract ways. I believe I saw a reference to a coffee maker, for example, that can brew stronger coffee based on your recorded sleep quality for the previous night.  


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Metawatch Strata Update Coming?

 From Meta's Facebook page, a comment thread began in which there were voiced (IMO well-founded) complaints about the Strata having not been updated in nearly a year. MetaWatch_update

Although I pretty much only wear my Basis Peak and my Vivosmart nowadays for notifications and music control, it will be cool to see what Meta comes out with after a year and some experience with their M1 line.

The most recent feature additon I've been using is the countdown timer feature. When I'm in a get-things-done mode I like to use repeating 15 minute alarms. So far, I haven't found anything that automatically repeats the alarms without my help, but the Strata's pretty nice in that it incorporates vibration into the alert.

One quirk (bug) I noticed today is that when the timer ends, if you stay on the countdown timer screen, the timer remains at 0:00 and you need to manually reset it. However if you exit the countdown screen and come back to it, there's your interval already set up. 

So I guess I'll be looking out for a killer update to my Peak that will introduce smartphone notifications and hopefully improve HR accuracy, as well as an update for my Strata to see what that will bring. I guess it's not quite EOL yet, which is a relief. There isn't another device that has the Strata's approach - multiple widgets per screen for quick at-a-glance info. I can see my AAPL stock, the current weather, the time, and my next calendar event all on the main screen! Since Peak handles all of my activity monitoring without asking anything of me (in terms of button presses to enter some activity or sleep mode, yuck!) I currently use the Vivosmart more as a connection to my smartphone and completely ignore the step counting aspect. 

I learned the hard way to be very skeptical of promised updates, from the whole Kreyos debacle, but Basis and Strata have a track record of delivering quality products so I won't count them out yet.

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