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New Habit for 2014 - Getting Dressed Immediately, Staying Dressed All Day

While I'm one of those contrarians who eschews New Year's Resolutions, I sort of cheat because it seems wasteful to not use all the energy our culture puts into changing habits at the beginning of the year. It's as good a time as any to kick off a "habit test" and see what various adjustments to our routines make an impact, for good or ill.


With a new baby coming any day now, I've been putting a lot of energy into cleaning up the house and organizing the space a bit. In spite of all the thinking I do about how to continuously improve, household organization is one area in which I can still grow (a lot). While working through this project, I have been purging and organizing my clothes. Just having this effort going on provided my mind with the fuel, and then a compliment I received about how good I looked in the pants I had been wearing (versus my usual super-comfortable furry pajama pants) provided the spark necessary to ignite a new habit for 2014: Getting dressed!

Now, I work in an office setting with casual dress, so I normally get dressed every day. On my way out the door. But when I had been waking up, and pretty much as soon as I returned home from work, I would change into comfortable sweats or pajama clothes.

In my mind, this remains "getting dressed", but I know Flylady among others recommends that the first thing you should do when getting out of bed is getting dressed in regular clothes that you can wear outside the house.  Flylady calls this habit "getting dressed to shoes". In my house, we currently avoid shoes inside due to the hardwood floors, so I'm just calling it "getting and staying dressed".

So far, so good

As with any new habit, for the past week I've been flying high on increased productivity. I've been tracking and enforcing this habit using the chains.cc app and have been reminding myself that my wife prefers my look in street clothes versus comfortable clothes as another motivator.

After 30 to 40 days I'll look back and evaluate whether or not staying dressed from waking up to bedding down will have helped my productivity (at home, specifically) - and the evidence won't need to be some carefully maintained list. My house will likely be all the proof I need  due to the high rate of clutter accumulation we normally have.

Here's to 2014!  Any habits you're trying out?

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