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Remember to Put Your Fork Down!

In the United States, tomorrow is the holiday called "Thanksgiving". It's a day where the nation is to relax with family and take stock of our blessings. Something like this is key to Aggressive Optimism, wherein I encourage people to 1) maintain cycles in their lives and 2) power their attitude with gratitude.

I've probably mentioned this before but I will touch on it again: reading John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Claire's "Turtles All The Way Down" left an unexpected and far-reaching impact on me. One of the things I took from that book was the discussion on coherent cultures. I can't recall any specific text about time but I relate my concept of cyclical time to having read that book... time for a re-read!

In any case, Thanksgiving represents a yearly cycle where we can all check in with what it is we are thankful for. There's always something! I am going through some lean times right now but I am still able to stir up feelings of gratitude for many things. And for the spiritually inclined, I encourage you to reflect on what and/or who you might be thankful TO. If you're not so inclined and won't consider changing, I suggest finding something or someone to aim your thanks at, even if it's your unconscious mind :-)

As a final note, please remember to put your fork and spoon down between bites! Bring mindfulness to the food you eat tomorrow and you will help keep from sliding into a weight gain period. Put the glass or bottle down between sips as well, and drink lots of water!

Peace to you and your families.


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