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5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool in the Current Economy

It's been quite some time since I've last posted; I've been keeping very busy and working on some improvements to my life so it's for good reason. 

What are we all doing, as folks interested in NLP and peak performance, to make sure we're not drowning in the bad news of today's economy? I'd just like to share a few simple things I'm doing to keep an even keel and prevent myself from being overtaken by stress. YMMV.

  • Maintaining an active intellectual and spiritual life   - I'll leave the spirituality (or non-spirituality) up to you, but I can't not talk about the realization I've had relating to the mind. It's not a new discovery but it's inspired in my case by Turtles All The Way Down by John Grinder. Play games. Solve puzzles. Play at activities that are absorbing a even slightly frustrating to your mind. This might break up thought patterns that are causing stress in your life. It may even let your subconscious mind see things in a new way.  Sometimes a good distracting game is all I need to have an "A-Ha!" moment about some vexing problem.
  • Create a nutritional shortlist - pare down the number of supplements you're taking. If you must, eliminate them in favor of healthy, whole foods until you can realistically and responsibly afford your normal supplement program.
  • Continue your daily short trance breaks or power naps if you have the time.  And I bet you have the time to enter a light trance for just five minutes a day.  It's another way to give your mind a rest by directing it somewhere other than the chatter of everyday life. 
  • Get daily sunshine and fresh air when available
  • Keep in touch.  A strong network of good relationships will help you in the short and the long term, and you'll be helping those with whom you relate.  
As I come up with more, I'll post them here.  These are all things that you can work in; no matter how tough things get I would expect you could maintain at least one of these stress-busting habits.

What are some things you're doing just to keep the stress off? Comment below.

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