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Miley Cyrus Demonstrates the Authority Trance

Anyone who begins a study of hypnosis in earnest will eventually learn of the various methods of hypnotic induction, and one of those methods is by using the perceived authority of the hypnotist. The client who perceives an authority or an air of confidence in their operator will often go into hypnotic trance more easily than with some unknown fellow off the street.

We're taught that if we observe a client who might respond well to authority influence, we might use more imperative language in our inductions to calibrate for a better response.

Unfortunately, authority is used frequently to coerce and persuade people to do things they would not normally do, and according to Miley Cyrus that's what happened in her Vanity Fair photo session.  The news report I saw quoted Miley as saying something to the effect of "You just don't say 'No' to Annie", referring to the photography legend Annie Leibovitz.

This, I claim, is a great teachable moment for parents of Hannah Montana fans. Use this as an opportunity to discuss authority with your kids - where is authority legitimate, where is it not, what are reasonable boundaries, etc. Authority has its place in society but it can clearly be abused. While it's not appropriate to resist all authority for the sake of resisting (polarity responding, anyone?), it's often important in our "uptime" to think critically about situations in our daily lives that might not seem important at the time, but may have remifications later on.

Miley, I hope you've learned something about coercion and authority.  You have a respected place in the hearts of many young people. Please use that responsibly to teach positive values and do not abuse it.

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