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Hypnosis Podcast: Hypnosis Downloads Podcast

The podcast produced by Mark Tyrell of HypnosisDownloads.com so far contains short samples of particular hypnosis recordings that he has produced for download. The library of downloadable hypnosis mp3s available on HypnosisDownloads.com is quite diverse - Mr. Tyrell must be a very busy man with all of these downloads he's done, and he continues to make more and more!

I could get in to the content of his recordings, but it's not necessary because I am linking to his podcast which contains samples, so you can hear for yourself and determine if his style of hypnosis suits you or not. In my limited experience with his stuff, I would say that it's good quality and the recordings I have tried do contain solid hypnotic technique. Audio quality is excellent and his tonality is very well suited to the task at hand.

Check out the HypnosisDownloads podcast so you can judge for yourself. The most recent post as of this writing is a write-up about speed reading and there is a preview of a hypnosis session attached.

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Hi. :-) Just wanted to throw in a mention for Mark Tyrrell's partner, Roger Elliott, who is Managing Director of Uncommon Knowledge and the voice on several of the downloads. Both of these highly talented gents are well worth hearing.

Posted by: Rebekah Hall | Sep 12, 2007 1:18:19 AM

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