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Ericksonian Hypnosis Playing Cards

It seems like a long time ago that Jamie Smart began selling his Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards. At first, he launched them with a deep discount, which typifies his excellent customer service. And yet, I resisted the urge. Neither the small price nor the time commitmennt to play with them were in my budget at the time.

And many moons have passed, with Jamie Smart developing more decks like Irresistable Influence and I believe an NLP deck. And still I had not bought.

But last week, my wife mentioned offhand that I hadn't bought myself any small treats lately. I brushed it off at the time, but she was right. Such a treat was in the budget last week so I went on Amazon to make my purchase.  The Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards arrived within days....

...Let me say first that I shy away from playing card games because I tend not to do too well with them. I probably just don't get enough practice. Now that I have flipped through the language patterns on this deck of cards, I can't wait to engage my wife and my friends in hypnotic card games!

The cards themselves seem to be of high quality and come in a durable plastic carrying case, not a cheap cardboard box that will fall apart within weeks. Each card is a typical playing card, but in the place of artwork you'll find printed one of Milton Erickson's famous hypnotic language patterns and a slew of examples. Game play seems to be similar to drinking games - modify any card game as though it were a drinking game, but instead of drinking, read a hypnotic language pattern. It's so simple, learning through play, that I can't wait to try it.

Perhaps a game of hypnotic solitaire is in order this afternoon.

I'll be doing some play testing with Jamie's "Hypnotic Slapjack" and other modified card games, and I intend to develop some of my own learning drills with the cards. I'll be posting them here when I do.

Once again,  Good work, Salad!

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