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Beating Blue Monday

Yesterday was supposedly "Blue Monday", the day that some think is the most depressing day of the year. The day when everyone realizes they are not following through on their New Year's resolutions, when the days are still short and with little sunlight, when the cold of winter really sets in.

As I started my new year, being the Aggressive Optimist I shunned the "resolutions" concept and simply searched inside myself, following the AO Manifesto, and generated a burst of attitude and activity that has propelled me past that dreadful Monday of doom.

How can we all do this? Luckily, as Aggressive Optimists we learn from NLP Presuppositions that if somebody can do something, anybody can learn it. And the truth is that I didn't make it up, I myself learned it from another.

I don't have the concrete reference to hyperlink, but if I recall correctly it was Phil Lenahan's newsletter that mentioned having year-round resolutions. Use the new year as a time to set goals, but don't ONLY do it in the new year. Do it year-round so you can have an ongoing buzz of self-reinforcing activity. When you encounter mistakes, correct them rather than abandoning the whole process, which oftentimes happens in the case of dropped New Year's Resolutions.

Use your small successes as "fuel for the fire" and keep on trucking throughout the year.

Phil has some great resources on his site. If you're not religious, don't be turned away by the site's Catholic orientation. His book and his site's tools are very helpful and gel completely with Aggressive Optimism.

Here's to an Optimistic Year!

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