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Finding the Sweet Spot of Your Work

I've recently come across Pamela Slim's blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation. After reading for a few days, she's now a permanent part of my feed collection. Pam speaks to those who wish to leave the confinement of their cubicle for the independence of entrepreneurship and a healthy work-life balance. What a mission!

Going back through her archives I found this gem of a post about how she's just about hitting her sweet spot between her blog and her new venture. She explains that:

"at this moment I am getting closer to what I once heard Jim Collins refer to as the sweet spot.  This is the intersection of three interlocking circles: the first is "what people will pay you to do" - marketable skills and abilities that you have developed over your working life.  The second is "that which you have great passion for" - areas of interest, hobbies, ideas or causes that make your heart race.  And the third, and most elusive, is "that which you are genetically encoded to do" - the things that you were brought on this earth to accomplish that no one else on the planet can do as well as you."

Marketable skills can be built up over a career path or through education, and the other two are areas that we can certainly use our skills in hypnosis and NLP to develop and discover. This is a classic application of personal resources: the resource of experience (personal history), and the resource of tools (like hypnosis and motivational techniques). Apply your knowledge in personal enhancement to tweak each variable until the triad becomes that self-feeding loop, sustaining your satisfaction with your life. If something seems to fall out of whack, look at things in light of these three aspects to help re-discover your sweet spot.

It may be that you are hitting the sweet spot right where you are. I know I'm not going to be leaping into entrepreneurship just yet; my current "day job" is quite stimulating and I certainly bring personal uniqueness and interest to my work. When the doldrums of routine set in, it's always possible to wake myself up and create stimulating activity... seeking the sweet spot in your current position should not be overlooked.

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