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Affirmations for Motivation

If you'd like to energize your day with some serious motivation, try these affirmations along with your favorite self-hypnosis  or affirmation technique.

  • I completely and congruently desire X(the goal)
  • I know that X is within my possibilities as a powerful organism
  • I effortlessly access the resources I need to achieve X any time I wish
  • The milestones along the way to X are clear and easy to reach
  • The whole process of getting X is pleasurable
  • Challenges are interesting and fill me with joy and curiosity
  • I thank my unconscious for already taking the necessary steps, automatically and effortlessly
  • My entire ecology is congruent with X, therefore X is simply inevitable

These are some food for thought; adjust and add to them if necessary for your personal taste. This particular set of affirmations (employing a toward or positive motivational strategy) is good for helping to reach the "consider it done" mindset, where your goal is no longer a goal but a foregone conclusion.

Notice also how the "challenges" affirmation can be used from a high level to represent the entire goal seeking process, as well as on a lower level to neutralize unforseen challenges along the way. This provides a snowballing effect that actually increases your motivation as you near the completion of your goal, rather than the all-too-common losing of focus as time goes on.

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